About The Trail

For thirty years, TG Missouri has been committed to the serving the Perryville community. This year, we have teamed up with the city of Perryville to develop a 5K Fitness Trail on land donated by the company. This 10-foot wide, paved, 5-kilometer trail, will encompass the TG Missouri campus and will be available year-round for public use. In addition, the trail will feature public parking and public restrooms.

Sponsor The Trail

This is a historic opportunity to recognize your family, friends, loved ones or your business by purchasing a custom engraved paver that will become part of the trail walkway. The pavers will be incorporated into the trail in special 10’ sections every 20’-30’ span along the path.

Purchase your personalized 4” x 8” Paver and 4” x 4” Replica Keepsake Tile with text dedications here.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

For more information about Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities, please call (314) 983-6724 or complete the contact form below.